Venezuela Social Housing

The project, designed as a settlement of 10,000 residences in Venezuela, is a social housing project. It includes all urban equipment required by demographic needs. It is ensured that every housing block in urban settlements has adequate and spacious garden areas. The residential units are designed as interdigitable units considering the regional climate and living conditions. Each block can grow and shrink on this floor, offering a flexible design suitable for all topographic and urban settlements. In all dwellings, solar orientations, natural ventilation and cooling issues, and shade directions are considered as design criteria. It has been taken into consideration that the building design is suitable for different variations of the reinforced concrete building system. A minimal and simple design language has been used and an approach has been created by using local colors that are loved and practiced in the region.

  • Project Name Venezuela Social Housing
  • Typology Urban Design, Public, Education, Housing, Health
  • Location Caracas, Venezuela
  • Year 2011