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Reconstruction of Culture Centre in Hazar

The approach of the Design team for this project is to develop an active, frequently used, modern and representative area for Hazar and his adjacent territory.

The Culture Center Building is the so called ‘heart’ of the designed region. History and contemporary architectural visions are coming together and creating the new highlight of the city. Green areas for resting and recreation, playgrounds for children and adults, art – social-and cultural events, public happenings; all of them are designed to be connected and always in cooperation with each other. Topographical and natural conditions are used to create special and high qualitative architectural platforms or walk roads to experience the city in his best perspective. The culture center building in itself will provide well connected, functionally good separated rooms. Historical elements will keep and improved. All in all the reconstruction for culture centre and improvement of adjacent territory will enlighten the city in a very new and interesting way.

  • Project Name RCCH
  • Typology Culture, Urban Design, Public
  • Location Cheleken, Turkmenistan
  • Year 2016
  • Scale 2.600 m² Construction Area, 49.500 m² Landscape Area