Molokan Garden Pasha Car Park

A total of 181 car capacity Molokan Multistorey Car Park is located in Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street in Baku. Modern and classic details are used together on the front of the car park. The facade is made up of Baku stone on the ground floor and wood panels with spaced rows on the upper floors. These spaces, which also allow for air circulation, provide rich shadow traces on the interior and texture on the facade.
The glass-clad façade is designed for vertical pedestrian circulation core, it also provides a modern seperation from the historic building next to it. The ground floor is used for a big restaurant area, for the continiutiy of the street retail line. The management part of the car park is designed at the gorund floor, next to car park entrance.

  • Project Name Molokan Garden Pasha Car Park
  • Typology Commercial, Public, Transportation
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Year 2012
  • Scale 7.230 m², 181 Car Park Capacity