Ashkhabad Kia Center

The project, which is designed as a vehicle sales and showroom center and vehicle service in the city center of Turkmenistan Ashgabat, has a covered area of ​​4500 m2 and an open area of ​​15.000 m2. The roof and façade form characterizes the building. The building’s facade and roof, which are moving in every plane, cover the inner two-storey office units with a shell effect. The high volume provided in the interior, allows for the vehicle showroom and sales spaces on the façade and service spaces on the rear façade. The two-storey building in the middle covers office spaces and social areas and it provides a link to both locations. The special structure used in the facade solution provides rich interior perspectives, while allowing the shell effect of the building to be perceived clearly from the outside. The building is made from every point in the user space, and experiences different senses in each step differently. Although it is structurally difficult to produce, it is a prestige building because it provides an iconic and symbolic structure.

  • Project Name Ashkhabad Kia Center
  • Typology Commercial
  • Location Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan
  • Year 2012
  • Scale 4.500 m² Construction Area, 15.000 m² Landscape Area