Baku Bus Station 2

The project, which is the continuation of Baku Bus 1, is built near Baku Olympic Stadium. The entire city’s public transport network is provided by this institution. Our design, which has a total project area of 77 000 sqm, includes management building, facilities for drivers, workshop building, car wash building and training building. Revaluation of the existing idle area provides the sustainability of the city. The main idea of the project is build a contemporary glass facade according to Olimpic Games’s spirit which is parallel to the motorway passing by. And this facade reflects view of who passing this way. Therefore, a set indicating the boundary between the road and the field will be taken and a total front façade will be formed. This facade adds value to the structure of the institution.

  • Project Name Baku Bus Station 2
  • Typology Public, Transportation
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Year 2015
  • Scale 77.000 m²