Aksaray Recreation Area and Sport Complex Competition

The main principle is that the plot is connected to the wards, which were constructed separately. The squares are located on the north and south sides of the main entrance. The main square is a joint point which connects to the indoor sports facilities, the youth center and public sports areas. Each square was designed according to their different functions as meeting points and arranged as both city squares and landscape parks. The feature of the water park is located at the end of the park. The pedestrian roads along the park are accessible and stepless. The recreation and landscape features were articulated with that backbone.
The Sports Facility is located at the North side, which is disconnected with the area. It is located in the area, which is carved like a bowl, and makes it a total attraction point. The steep slope is located on the south side of the park.
The youth center and the accommodation units are placed on a mass which sits on the topography. The firm’s ground terraces are designed as the continent of the main square and it makes it possible for the construction of the park’s continuity for the dwellers. The green roof of the ground floor acts as terrace which connects the upper level.
The main focus of the project is the human and it is aimed to provide the socio-cultural and sport needs of the dwellers easily.

  • Project Name Aksaray Recreation Area and Sport Complex Competition
  • Typology Competition, Public, Urban Design
  • Location Aksaray, Turkey
  • Year 2013